Homes for sale in Lakeview, Toronto area, for $1,500 per square foot

The prices in Toronto, the most expensive city in Canada, are starting to creep up.

Here’s a look at some homes for sale at the top of the market in the city, which is seeing a surge in demand after several years of slowing growth.

The list includes several of Toronto’s more popular neighbourhoods, including The Annex, Kensington Market, and East York.

Some have recently gone on sale, while others are still available for lease.

The number of listings in the GTA has increased by 40 per cent since the end of last year, according to the real estate site RealtyTrac.

That is not surprising since many people are still searching for the right place to live, according the site.

The list below features several of the homes listed in Toronto in the last few months, including a house in the trendy St. Clair-Lakeshore area and a detached house in Westmount.

The property is listed as being worth $1.9 million and comes with a 3-bedroom, 4-bathroom home in Toronto’s East York neighbourhood.

The property is valued at $1 million, and it’s only available for sale on the city’s Real Estate Board of Greater Toronto (REBGTO).

The home, which has a three-car garage, was recently listed for $2.3 million.

It’s currently listed for sale by the same agent who listed it in 2011 for $8.2 million.

The home is listed at 3,300 square feet and comes equipped with a 4,600-square-foot garage.

The home has been on the market for a little over two years, but it was originally listed in the fall of 2011.

It is currently available for rent on the REBGCO for $5,000 per month.

The three-bedroom house has a large, open kitchen and dining room.

The two bedrooms are located on the second floor, and the master bedroom has a two-car deck, according a listing on REBgTO.

The garage has two large closets, a fireplace, and a separate garage.

There are no utilities or a backyard.

The condo, which measures 895 square feet, has a four-car pool, and there is a private backyard with a large backyard and tree-lined drive.

It has a pool, spa, and pool deck.

It also has an enclosed garage.

The two-bedroom condo has a private walk-in closet and a large walk-out closet.

The kitchen has a sink, a microwave, and stove.

The house has two bedrooms, a living room, and two bathrooms, according an listing on ReBgCO.

It’s the perfect home for a first-time buyer.

The detached house has the option to rent it out for $6,000/month or $2,200/month.

The unit has a deck with views of the lake, the Toronto Islands, and Mount Royal.

It comes with an island terrace.

The cottage, which sits on 3,600 square feet in the Westmount neighbourhood, is a great place to rent out and is available for $4,000 an hour, according REBgs site.

The kitchen is equipped with an electric faucet and microwave.

It boasts two fireplaces, a private terrace, and an island balcony.

The bedroom has an attached garage.

A condo is available on the ReBGco website for $3,900 per month and includes all of the amenities of a traditional detached house, including an attached living room with a fireplace and a private deck.

The lakefront property is located on an island with views to the Toronto skyline.

It sits on an acre of land, and is located about 10 minutes from Toronto’s Pearson Airport.

The lakefront home is currently for sale for $7,400 per month on the Toronto Real Estate board.

The listing for the property on ReebgCo says it is a one-bedroom cottage, but the agent who sold it on REBs site says it’s available for one-night rental.

It has a kitchenette, two bedrooms with walk-ins, and multiple decks and gardens.

The master bedroom features a fireplace.

The unit is listed for rent at $2 per night.

The seller says it comes with all of Toronto City’s amenities.

The house is located in the Scarborough area, and has been up for sale since 2014.

The listing includes a driveway, a deck, and patio.

The exterior of the property is adorned with a lake and an ice rink.

The listed home on REEBGCo says the property has an open kitchen, a gas stove, and fireplaces.

The agent who gave it to us also says it has a walk-through closet, a separate fireplace, a backyard, a full-length garage, and backyard access.

The owner of the house says it was built in 1986 and features a 1,200-square foot living