Which cities in the United States are the most affordable to buy?

The top five cities in terms of median home prices are, in order of median household income: Atlanta (US$200,000-$300,000); Charlotte (US $130,000-150,000); Miami (US +$120,000 to $150,00); and Tampa, Florida (US-$115,000+).

Miami, Charlotte and Tampa are the two most affordable cities in Florida, according to the Census Bureau’s 2017 American Community Survey, which collects data on the median income of households across the state.

According to the study, the median home value in Miami is $932,000, the highest in the country.

Charlotte has a median home price of $722,000.

Miami’s median home is $770,000 and Tampa is $730,000 for median household incomes.

The next most affordable is Las Vegas, which has a home value of $680,000 at a median household earnings of $62,800.

The average home value for the three cities is $500,000 in Las Vegas.

According a recent report from Realtor.com, the average price for a home in the three largest cities in each state was $746,000 last year.

This means that, if you were to live in the median household earning $62.800, you would have to live there for 13 months.

That means the median house price in Las Vegas in 2018 would have been $1,000 more than the median median house in San Jose, California, which was $1.02 million.