India’s Prime Minister: I can live in my house for as long as I want

India’s prime minister has said he can live his life in his own home for as many years as he wants, as the country faces an unprecedented housing shortage.

The comments come amid an acute housing shortage, which has caused the economy to slow dramatically in recent months.

The Prime Minister’s Office said on Tuesday that Narendra Modi would like to be able to live in his house for at least 15 years, as long he can find “the right and sufficient housing” for himself and his family.

Mr Modi has been campaigning for an affordable housing programme to tackle the shortage of housing.

The prime minister, who has ruled India for a decade, has also pledged to provide free school education to all of the nation’s children.

He also pledged in February to increase the minimum wage to $5 a day from $3.25 a day, and introduced an incentive to encourage people to buy property.

“There will be no restrictions on the property of my family and any restrictions will be on the right and necessary housing,” he said in his address to a government gathering.

The government also announced a 10-year-plan to make India “a clean, vibrant, and prosperous country” that will be “based on sound policy, responsible governance, and responsible development”.

It said it would also create a national policy on infrastructure, health, education, and infrastructure projects, including roads, bridges, water systems, and telecommunications.

India’s prime minster says he can stay in his home for ‘years’ as demand for housing falls article The prime ministrer has also promised to create “special economic zones” where people can live on a salary of around $8 a day.

He has also said that his government will establish an additional 1,000 new jobs a year, which will be created “without discrimination”.

“I can live my life in my own home without any restrictions for 15 years as long I can find the right housing,” Mr Modi said.

He said the new jobs would be created in new sectors such as manufacturing, service, manufacturing and construction, but it was not clear if he was referring to those sectors.

The president said he would also be opening more banks to help the poor.

“If I am the Prime Minister of the world, it will be easy to open up banks for people to borrow, but if I am a poor person, it is hard,” he added.

In a series of tweets on Monday, Mr Modi criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his failure to set up a “new national housing policy” to address the country’s housing crisis.

Mr Trump has promised to build more housing in the United States and said he wants the country to be “the greatest country in the world” after it.

“I want our country to become the greatest country on Earth,” Mr Trump said in a series on Tuesday.

“We want to be the greatest in the whole world.”

India has about 1.6 million people living in overcrowded accommodation.

It is home to a growing number of refugees from war-torn countries, and a huge population of Indians living abroad.

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