How to spot a bad real estate agent

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The city has been inundated with fake listings, most of them offering cheap homes and apartments, since the Narendra Modi government took over.

There are currently over 3,600 vacancies in the city.

Many of them have been filled by people who are desperate to sell, according to the report.

Many real estate companies have been operating in the area.

The government’s latest efforts to curb fraud, and its crackdown on foreign real estate investment, has been a major factor behind this spike in fake listings.

“Real estate is a major sector in the country and the government should take it seriously,” said Vinod Kumar, managing director of the Indian real estate agency Hoevens.

“They have done a lot to make the city safer for business and the general public.

But now they are being asked to be a bit more proactive.”

Mr Kumar said that in the last five years, there have been more than 4,000 fake listings in the market.

“The city is still very active, so we are seeing a lot of the same people trying to lure people into this market,” he said.

“There are a lot more properties in the region and we have been seeing people moving in to get their property.

I think they are trying to make more money out of this area.

They are not really trying to find real estate professionals.”

The report also points out that the number of illegal listings in Delhi has increased, with at least 2,000 properties being seized and registered in Delhi this year alone.

According to a spokesperson for the Delhi government, this is a result of a “significant increase in fake property”.

The spokesperson told Business Insider that the police are investigating a number of cases where the property owners were trying to sell their properties and the agents were selling them.

“In many cases, agents and their agents were acting illegally and not acting professionally.

The authorities have identified fake properties that have been purchased by real estate firms and are registered in the name of real estate firm,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson also pointed out that while the government has taken a number in steps to tackle fake listings and other forms of online crime, the real estate market remains volatile and many sellers do not have the requisite knowledge or experience.

“As a result, real estate brokers and agents are becoming more and more vulnerable to the unscrupulous and unscrupulous people who try to use their skills to scam people,” the statement said.