How to calculate your own house prices

Real estate agents will be required to record all the property sales they undertake, but how much can they charge?

As it stands, the value of all the homes they buy is recorded in their books, but there are limits on how much the agents can charge.

The current legislation sets a maximum value of €1m (€14,000) per sale and there is a limit on the number of sales a real estate agent can undertake in a year.

The limit is a little higher than the €100,000 (€168,000), and in some cases agents can even go as high as €300,000 per sale, according to the newspaper.

According to the new legislation, the maximum value will be increased to €2m (around €168,800), with the new limit set to apply to every property sale.

That means that in some circumstances agents may only be able to sell a single property, for example if they’re selling a property that has been vacant for a year or more.

The maximum price that an agent can charge is €2.25m per sale (around £2.5m), but this has been reduced to €1.5 million (around the £1.7m).

According to some agents, they believe that the new law will help to limit the number and type of houses that are sold.

They say that if a property is sold by an agent for €2,500, the agent will have to charge €2 million for the sale.

However, they also fear that the law could discourage agents from working in the property market.

“Many agents are already doing their jobs at home, but when they move to a bigger office, the rent and other expenses will be more than the agent can handle,” one agent told the paper.

But, if the bill is passed, it will have an impact on agents’ working hours, and this could have a negative impact on the economy.

According to a report by the Centre for Policy Studies, a think tank, a single-person working full-time is already costing the economy around €2bn a year, and will continue to do so.

Agents will also be required by law to report the total value of their work on their personal income tax return.

However, they will not be required on their employer’s tax return to disclose the cost of their house or the value they paid for the property.

“Agents must report all sales and sales-related transactions, as well as the cost for their services,” the legislation states.