A rare look at the history of the Sydney Opera House

Posted October 01, 2018 07:05:56 A little-known section of Sydney’s Opera House has been given a much-needed facelift.

The building, known as the Sydney Theatre, was built in the 1890s but was largely abandoned after the Second World War.

Now the building is undergoing a massive renovation that includes a brand new floor plan, and a full-service theatre.

In this exclusive exclusive video, the director of the Opera House, Peter Bowers, tells ABC Radio Melbourne’s Tony Allen about the changes and why he’s excited to share it with the public.

Peter Bower has spent almost 25 years in the Opera house and is an acclaimed architect who has worked on everything from the Sydney Olympic Stadium to the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

He’s also a major part of the redevelopment of the Melbourne Cricket Ground, the Opera, the new Victoria Cricket Ground and the new Melbourne Opera House.

Peter told Tony Allen that the renovation is the biggest renovation in the history the building, and that the new floor plans will bring a whole new level of comfort and comfort.

Peter says the floor plans have been built with the Sydney theatre in mind, but they are still inspired by the surrounding building, including the roof and the surrounding areas.

The new plan looks to include a full service theatre that will provide a new level, and also include a brand-new floor plan for the existing roof.

He said that there will be new lighting systems and new glass panels to improve the air quality.

Peter also has an exciting idea for the new roof.

The roof will have a roof garden, a rooftop deck with a canopy for people to get out of the rain, and the building will have the opportunity to be a new rooftop garden for families and families of children.

He says the building’s designers have already begun work on the new plans.

Peter said he’s really excited to bring the building to life and he wants to share that with the world.

Peter is also working with the Melbourne Council to ensure the building can be used for a range of activities and events.

He wants to do everything from weddings and funerals, to cultural events, to arts and community events.

Peter has already begun the work on some of the plans, and is hoping to have the building ready to open in 2019.

Watch the video to see the project in its full glory.