When does a mansion become worth $1 million?

A $1.6 billion mansion in Galveston, Texas, is worth $2.5 million, or more than double the amount of the average Texas home, according to the median sales price of a $150,000 home.

The listing on Zillow.com for the $1,726,000 estate, which features a 10,000-square-foot, 3,500-square foot swimming pool, is priced at $1-1.9 million.

It’s listed as being one of the most desirable mansions in Texas, with its extensive gardens, a landscaped deck and private tennis courts.

A large pool is included in the listing, and the home’s amenities include a private beach with a full-size whirlpool, a full kitchen, a dining room with a separate fireplace, a large living area with a fireplace and a full bath with a bathtub.

The property has a large swimming pool on the grounds, which is available to the public and also serves as a meeting space for the town.

It has five bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

The property has four bathrooms on the main floor and five bathrooms on its second floor.

Zillow says it has listed the home to buyers with an average selling price of $1M, with an asking price of more than $1MM.

This means that the listing price is more than the average sale price of the median home in the state.

The price of this $1 billion mansion is just about half of the $4.6 million asking price for the median house in Texas.

It is one of a handful of mansions to be listed for $1+ million in the Lone Star State, according the real estate website Trulia.