Utah real estate mogul Dan Parnell’s bid to join Senate Banking Committee fails

In the midst of the U.S. government shutdown, Utah real-estate mogul Dan “Bud” Parnells, Jr. has announced his candidacy for the Senate Banking committee. 

Bud Parnelson is an outspoken anti-union activist and outspoken supporter of Donald Trump, who has criticized the state’s labor laws and its tax and regulatory policies. 

According to his website, Bud Parnesons wife and his daughters are both members of the United Mine Workers Union. 

Parnells is running as a Democrat and has not officially filed to run for re-election in 2020. 

His primary challenger is former U.N. ambassador Michael Fagan, who was previously a Republican who served in the Utah state legislature from 1996 to 2000. 

Fagan, whose father, Michael F. Fagan Sr., was a Republican governor and was appointed by President Bill Clinton, is running on a platform of “rebuilding Utah’s economy” and “creating jobs.” 

According the website, Parnels candidacy comes as Utah has seen the rise of Donald J. Trump and his supporters. 

In a statement released Tuesday, Pernell said: “Bud has been a friend and supporter of mine for years.

I believe he will represent Utah and the people of Utah better than any other candidate in the race.

I will fight to make Utah a better place and bring jobs back to our state.” 

The Utah GOP has not yet announced who they will support in the Republican primary. 

Utah has been one of the most heavily Democratic states in the country for decades. 

The state is home to the Mormon Church, which has been known to endorse candidates for office in Utah. 

There are currently 13 Republicans running for the state Senate. 

“Utah has a large and vibrant Mormon community,” Parners website states.

“Many Mormons believe in an inclusive culture where people of all backgrounds are welcome.” 

Bobby Bickerstaff, who served as Utah attorney general under President Ronald Reagan and who was also a Republican and has also been endorsed by the UMW, is also running for Utah Senate.

Bickerstretcher is a former prosecutor and former state legislator who is also a former president of the Utah Republican Party. 

He previously served as a state senator and has represented Utah since 1996. 

Cathy Miller, who currently serves as the state Democratic Party chairwoman, also is running for Senate, and her campaign has not released her name. 

Miller, who is a registered Democrat, was the state attorney general and the attorney general for four years. 

This story will be updated as new information becomes available.

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