The Post: Trump is the first president in history to sign a $20 trillion infrastructure bill

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s first real estate transaction on the Trump Administration’s $20 billion infrastructure bill was reported Friday by The Post.

The transaction is valued at $20.6 billion, and is one of the largest in Metro’s history.

The property, in the middle of the city, is at an estimated value of $20 million to $25 million, according to The Post’s analysis.

The deal, which was first reported by the Washington Post, is the largest Metro real estate deal since it began.

It was reported that the property would be developed in conjunction with Metro’s regional offices in the city.

The deal was valued at roughly $1.8 billion.

It was reported the developer, the firm of Gensler Group, is a subsidiary of a private equity firm called Latham Capital Partners.

Gensler, a private investment firm with a history of holding distressed debt, is behind the $2 billion purchase of the former Union Station, which opened in 1984.

The real estate purchase is the latest in a string of major deals announced by Trump in recent weeks.

In March, he signed a $10 billion bill that will fund $20-billion in infrastructure projects over the next decade.

The new bill is a significant step in addressing the nation’s economic woes and the ongoing financial crisis, Trump said at the time.

The legislation will also include $1 trillion in federal and state funding to help fund railroads, highways and airports.

The Trump administration also announced Friday it will pay for construction of a new interstate highway linking Atlanta and Mobile, Ala., with the goal of opening the new toll lanes in 2019.

Trump is expected to announce a final $5 billion for the project in coming weeks.