How to find the perfect apartment for your budget

A man is making the most of a tiny house on the outskirts of Belize.

He is paying just $15 a month for his one-bedroom, three-bathroom, two-bath condo in Brooklyn Heights.

And he is putting his own name on the deed.

“The house is a symbol of hope for a country that’s been so afraid to see its people and its dreams realized,” said Brian T. Williams, an attorney who has represented many of the homeless in Belize, including a homeless man who is now the executive director of the advocacy group Belize Immigrant and Refugee Rights Organization.

The man’s story, shared in a story on the Real Estate Investor website, has been featured in the New York Times and New York Daily News.

He has also been featured on CNN, CNNMoney, The New York Post, CNN, The Washington Post and other news outlets.

He said he’s never lived in a larger house.

“I’ve never lived like that.

I’ve never felt like I could just walk down the street and be in the middle of a house that was so big,” he said.

“It’s a lot of space and it’s so big, I’m a little claustrophobic.

So that’s why it’s nice to have that space.”

The home has two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The front porch has a balcony.

There’s a kitchen and an outdoor living area.

The house has an enclosed garage.

It also has an entryway to the living room and an outside front porch.

The interior has been painted a green, white and orange color.

The home also has two fireplaces and a fireplace.

Williams said he installed solar panels and has had the windows painted a bright green.

The roof is also painted green.

He also has a large storage shed.

“That’s what people don’t realize about a single-family home,” Williams said.

The owner, who was interviewed by Real Estate Investors, said the house is built to his standards.

He plans to add a garage for storage and to have a larger living area for people to take in the views of the ocean.

The house has a total of four bedrooms, six bathrooms and a garage.

The owner also plans to have four outdoor living areas, and he said the backyard is open to the sky and has a swimming pool.