How ‘Crazy Rich’ became a hit on ‘SNL’

A funny, if somewhat disturbing, look at how the reality TV show that turned celebrities into millionaires became a financial success.

“Crazy,” which was broadcast in February 2016 on NBC, was the most-watched show of the year.

The show was hosted by Stephen Colbert, who became the face of the show in an effort to connect with viewers and gain attention for his show, which ran for 13 seasons.

The series brought in more than $2 billion in revenue in its first season, which was hosted at the Fox Theater in Los Angeles.

The second season, titled “The Man Who Knew Too Much,” saw Colbert go from being the star to becoming a multimillionaire.

After his debut on “The Colbert Report,” Colbert earned more than a million dollars in 2015 alone.

But Colbert wasn’t the only one making big money.

In the next year, a host of other celebrities, including “SNL” host John Oliver, took notice and started making their own big bucks, making millions of dollars and taking in more money than Colbert did.

The success of the shows spawned numerous spin-offs.

Colbert’s “The Daily Show” has since earned millions of viewers.

And the “Colbert Report” also has generated millions of new viewers, though its original creators, Amy Poehler and Jay Pharoah, have since left.

The new “Cancel” is scheduled to air Jan. 10 on Comedy Central.

The “Colb” season finale airs Wednesday.

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