Exclusive: Former Canadian PM says Canada is ‘totally on its own’

Ottawa — In a wide-ranging interview with the Canadian media, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada is “totally” on its “own” in the world and is “not even trying to think outside the box” to get better outcomes for people.

The Prime Minister, who is taking part in a global summit on climate change in Paris on Saturday, said the country is still struggling to address issues like climate change, inequality and the effects of the carbon tax, but the Canadian economy has come a long way since he took office and is doing well.

“We have got some really good, very strong and growing jobs, we have the lowest unemployment in the G7, we are very resilient, and we have a lot of opportunities for our young people, especially our young men and women,” Trudeau said during a joint press conference with former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

“I think the prime minister is a very well-informed man, a well-researched man.

And I think what he’s seeing is a whole lot of people are feeling really hopeful, they’re feeling very confident, and the country that we have to lead is a country that is totally on its itself, completely on its on its way to being a very good, strong, stable, prosperous, inclusive and prosperous country.”

The Prime Minster also said he expects to be at the UN climate talks in December, but he would not say when.

He also said that while the U.S. is “an enormous threat to our prosperity,” Canada is not “an enemy” and that the Canadian military is “really strong and ready” to help in the fight against terrorism.

Trudeau said that the U

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