Which rapper is the hottest in the rap world?

Rapper/actor/actor-turned-TV star Lil Wayne is the most popular rapper in America right now, according to a new study from market research firm Zillow.

The study found that Wayne, who recently dropped his solo album, “The Black Album,” has become a household name across the country thanks to his recent viral video for “Lil Wayne,” which has been viewed more than 10 million times and racked up more than 2 million likes.

The song has been streamed more than 1 billion times, and it has racked up a million Twitter followers.

The rap sensation has been so popular, that he has even been offered an endorsement deal with a brand of clothing.

Wayne is now ranked the #1 most popular artist in the U.S. on the platform, according for the month of May, according the Zillows research.

And in May, Wayne was named the Most Popular Male Artist in the United States for the first time in Zilloway’s history.

Zillovision’s analysis found that the rapper has had his popularity skyrocketed by the viral video, and that the pop star’s popularity has risen to the point that he’s now the most liked male rapper in the country.

Wayne’s popularity and popularity has made him a household brand for most of the month, according Zillowitz, who has tracked the popularity of popular performers for over 30 years.

Wayne has been featured on billboards and TV shows, and the video has been shared more than 15 million times.

The rapper has a large fan base, and is a household celebrity in many places, including the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles.

In the past, Wayne has made his name with his catchy lyrics and his iconic “Lemme take the world by storm,” an anthem for his career.

Wayne made his debut in 1991 as an offshoot of the hip-hop duo Nas, and since then, he has released multiple albums, as well as two movies, “Lumas” and “Porch.”

Zillocity analyzed nearly 7,000 music videos posted on the sites YouTube, Vine and Twitter between May 17 and May 24.

The data found that over a quarter of the videos posted were of Wayne’s own videos, and nearly a third were from the artists he worked with.

Zills data also found that about 50% of the people who liked Wayne’s videos were of age, and about 30% of those who liked his music videos were 18 years old.

The videos were most popular in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington, and Wayne’s fans were also the most active.

He has been on tour with his music group, The Tramps, and he has also appeared on the cover of Billboard’s “Pop” magazine.

“Lon Wayne’s” “Lapdance” and his latest album, titled “The Future Is Now,” have been released this month.

Wayne will be the first artist to ever make it to the Billboard 200 chart in his native country of Canada.

Ziller told Business Insider that Wayne has also become a viral phenomenon across the globe.

The “Lol Wayne” rapper is currently the most viewed celebrity on YouTube with over 8 million views, and his video for the song has racked in more than 13 million views.

Wayne and his band have also performed at the Super Bowl and the NBA All-Star Game.

The popularity of Wayne has helped his career in Hollywood and other industries.

Wayne, a father of two, was born on February 9, 1971 in Detroit, Michigan.

He is the youngest son of Lil Wayne and Marion, and has a younger brother, Andre, from his mother’s first marriage.

Wayne was a student at Detroit’s Wayne State University from 1992 to 1996, where he played football, basketball, and baseball.

Wayne earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Michigan from 2002 to 2004.

Wayne had been in the entertainment industry for years, but it was his rap career that catapulted him to the big leagues.

Wayne started rapping when he was 10 years old, and in 2000 he released his debut album, Lil Wayne.

His first big hit was “I’m Just A Guy,” which hit No. 1 on the pop music charts in 2002 and 2002 and No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The track “Limp Bizkit,” which was inspired by a group of Detroit artists called The Ghetto Tuff, was released in 2002.

Wayne went on to make a series of albums with the group, including “Lazy Sunday,” which reached No. 6 on the charts.

Wayne also released two solo albums, “Samba” and the Grammy-nominated “The Real Wayne.”

In 2004, Wayne released “I Am Wayne,” the first of four albums with The Ghettos.

The album sold nearly 15 million copies in the first week, according a report by Billboard.

In 2005, Wayne signed to the Roc Nation company and released the debut album