What’s next for the Kew and South West?

Kew will hold its annual convention in Melbourne on Sunday (AEDT) with a focus on the Kiew River.

The convention will also see a host of new projects in the area.

Kew real estate agents will host a live stream of the convention on Saturday night (AEST) to answer questions from the media.

Kew realestate agent Mark Fussell said he was pleased with the reception the convention received.

“We’ve had some great feedback from the community, from local business people and business groups, and from Kew Council, and we’ll be in touch with them to see if we can work with them on future opportunities,” Mr Fussel said.

Mr Fusseld said he hoped the convention would help Kew continue to grow.

“The community is really behind Kew, and they’ve embraced it and it’s made it a real success,” he said.

“It’s just a good time for the community to celebrate the good things that Kew has to offer, which is real estate and the hospitality industry.”

I’m really pleased with what we’ve achieved here.

“Mr Fossel said the convention was also expected to showcase the region’s new tourism opportunities.”

In terms of tourism, Kew is really strong on that front and I think that’s why it’s so attractive to attract a number of foreign visitors, because it’s a very international city,” he added.”

There’s a whole number of exciting projects underway, we’ve got a lot of new things that are going to come on to Kew Island and we’re also in the process of redeveloping the city centre.

“As we look forward to the next five years, I’m really excited to see what the community can come up with.”

Kew Council’s Director of Tourism, Paul MacDougall, said the Convention was an important part of the community’s celebrations.

“This year’s convention is a great way for Kewians to experience what it’s like to be part of Kew in a whole new way,” he told ABC News.

“From our community to the local businesses and the international tourism industry, KEW has the best of both worlds, and the convention helps us to showcase that.”

Mr MacDougal said the community was also looking forward to hosting the convention in 2018.

“Our focus is to be really open-minded and welcoming to all visitors and this year we’ve worked with a number different partners to get it to where it is,” he continued.

“It really is a big opportunity for Kiwians to get to know the local community in a very different way.”

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