Tucker real estate company’s $10M bid for the St. Paul site

Tucker Real Estate has raised $10 million from investors who hope to develop a downtown St. Louis site.

The St. Patrick’s Day weekend event is expected to be the final step before the St Paul project moves forward, and the deal includes about a third of the site as well as an adjacent office tower.

The company has been searching for a downtown site since November.

The deal comes just weeks after a deal was announced by the developer of a $300 million St. Thomas Park site that has also been met with fierce opposition from the city and St. Charles County.

The site includes an iconic park and is home to the St, Louis Zoo, the city’s police department, a museum, a playground and a school.

The zoo is slated to close in 2019.

Tucker said the deal is a result of an agreement between Tucker and the St Louis Downtown Partnership, a group of businesses and organizations.

The group was founded in November by local developer Tom Dyer and St Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson.