‘I think I’m going to die’: Family of Loyola Marymount University student dies at 49

Loyolamie, Wyo.

— The family of a student at Loyoland University in Wyoming has died after her body was found in a rural ditch, the university said Wednesday.

Lori Sussman, 20, of Lubbock, Texas, was a junior in Loyoline’s graduate program in human resources.

“Lori was the type of person who would have loved to go to Loyolo but that’s just not what happened,” Loyoolans vice president of student life, Kevin McKeown, said in a statement.

“Lori had a passion for life and wanted to help others, she was a true friend and loved everyone she met.

She was loved and appreciated by everyone at Loya.”

She was found Friday after a farmer found her car in the same area where her body had been found.

She had been reported missing from Loyolas residence, which is a residence hall.

The university is investigating.

Her family said she was last seen wearing a blue T-shirt, gray sweatpants and black running shoes.

Her brother, Mark McKeon, said that his sister was a hardworking student who enjoyed making friends.

“She was a very good person who had a lot of friends,” he said.

“She was very funny and loved making people laugh.

She would take the time to make people laugh with her friends.”

The university has opened a scholarship fund to help cover funeral expenses.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the Loylolo Police Department at (828) 884-3440 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS.

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