A ‘virtual world’ for the real estate industry in Ireland

Online real estate in Ireland is increasingly being linked to real estate school graduates, according to a recent survey.RTE spoke to the CEO of a virtual real estate company, who claimed there is a market for real estate graduates.

The real estate market in Ireland has a lot of potential for the future, according the CEO, who is a former Dublin city councillor.

“I’m sure it’s going to be the best year in the market,” said the CEO.

“It’s going be a great opportunity for the young graduates who are going to get into real estate.”

They can take it to a level they can’t do in a real estate office or a realtor.

“That’s going go a long way to make the market competitive.”

Online real estate has emerged as an increasingly popular online destination for people looking to buy or rent property in Ireland.

The study by RTE showed that almost two thirds of graduates who studied for a real-estate degree were online real-tor clients, with more than half of the graduates who were interviewed saying they used the site for their real-life experience.

The report also revealed that real estate students were more likely to work in the real-tourism industry than in the hotel and travel sector.

Online real-property services such as Airbnb and Quikr are used by graduates for their online experience.

While the study found that more than one in five graduates were real-time in real estate transactions, there is no data on how many graduates were in real-world situations.

In fact, the survey found that only 25 per cent of graduates were aware of real estate laws, while the rest were not.

According to the report, students who use these platforms are generally less likely to use the realtors website or the hotel listings service, while some are more likely than others to use sites such as TripAdvisor.

The spokesperson for the Department of Education said it was clear that the current rental and rental-home market is a volatile market.

“Rental vacancies have increased by 20 per cent and it is a continuing concern for students,” he said.

“The government is investing in our student financial support to help them through this difficult period, including the new Guaranteed Guaranteed Rent scheme which will help students with low income support access to affordable housing.”

We are also working with the Department for Education and the Higher Education Authority to create a comprehensive new national guide on housing for all students.

“Students can check out this guide on the Government’s website at www.gov.ie/housing.”

For more information on the rental market in Northern Ireland, see our ‘Understanding rental market’ blog.

“Online properties are not subject to any local government regulation and there are no laws that restrict the use of the platforms, the spokesperson added.

Online properties in Ireland can be bought and sold without a licence and can be rented by anyone with a valid Irish address.